Jaci Hoosier


 Yoga with Jaci - offering private yoga sessions, and studio classes at WeeCare Day School East Petersburg,   Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM .                                             

Call/Text (717) 380-6668        

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                              Amber Ackerley

Promote Peace Yoga is a company that offers yoga and meditation classes to the community.
Call/Text (717) 799-4557
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                          Lisa Loiseau

Core Wellness Physical & Movement Therapy works to empower individuals to develop awareness and to create routines for strengthening, pain and stress reduction, and optimizing function in everyday life.
Call/ Text (717) 615-9250
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​Outdoor Community Yoga !- Elizabeth Street - Field behind Snavely Lumber just past Landisville Apartments

(180 Elizabeth Street), Landisville, Pennsylvania 17538

Join us for yoga in a friendly and supportive environment.​​


Kimberly Shaffer



Services include:               
* Physical Therapy
* Myofacial Release Therapy
* Yoga Instruction - private and group
* Core Focused Exercise Programs
---Lisa Loiseau, MPT

(717) 615-9250

Services include:               
* ReikiTherapy
* Life Coaching
* Yoga Instruction - private and group

* Baby and Toddler Yoga
* House Blessing

Amber Ackerley,Reiki II Cert. Practitioner/Psychology Undergrad

(717) 799-4557


Services include:               
* Massage
* Reiki Healing
* Chakra Balancing


Josh Copeland

Call (717) 468-6373

        ​               ……creating positive change!

  ....experiencing a significant change!!

​​​Effective Saturday July 1, 2017,Fusion Wellness will no longer provide wellness services at its East Petersburg location.  After much prayerful thought, we are closing our business at 1895 Graystone Rd, and will be relocating to the east coast of Florida to continue our work in the wellness industry. 

Our 5 years at this location have held a privilege for us to work with other instructors, coaches, and teachers, and a rich blessing in the relationships we have built with clients and friends.                                        

                                                                 To those of you who have provided opportunity for us to journey with you in wellness,                                                             THANK YOU, for the amazing partnership we have experienced with you!!  Continue to 

                                                            pursue your goals, discovering the amazing ways that food, and exercise, can renew and 

                                                            restore your health!

                                                                 To those of you who are searching......continue to pursue wellness in a way that will 

                                                            work for you!  

All the best, in the best of health.......

Tim Rohrer, CPT, CSCS  (717) 989-3452

Beth Rohrer RN, CNWC  (717) 475- 1381

While our work in Personal Training/Fitness, Nutrition Coaching and Sauna Therapy will be discontinued, other team members, who have been part of Fusion Wellness, will continue to provide Yoga, Massage, Myofascial Release, and Reiki.

Please feel free to connect with them through their contact information noted below!   ​​